Revolutionize bike and e-bike repairs with Norgren’s Electric Bike Repair Stand

Our electrically driven assembly stand makes working on bikes faster, easier, and more ergonomic by allowing you to grip bikes directly from the floor, and lift them to the desired work height.

Make your bike repairs easier and more convenient

  • Effortlessly adjust the height of your bike for a more comfortable repair experience
  • Save time and reduce the risk of injury and fatigue by using an electric actuator to eliminate the need for manual lifting and adjustments
  • Increase accuracy with a stable and secure stand design, and reduce the likelihood of errors that can lead to additional repairs
  • Operate the repair stand easily with intuitive controls and a simple design that is accessible even for first-time users who have limited experience with lifts
  • Maintain the electric lift with little effort, and remove the risk of leaking hydraulic fluid that comes with maintaining hydraulic lifts

Safe and ergonomic bike repairs

Our electrically driven lifting system is made with safety in mind. With a specially adapted trapezoidal threaded screw and a catch nut assigned to the guide carriage, our system allows the carriage to be lifted freely by hand, ensuring maximum work safety. And because it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about safety concerns that accompany other repair stands, such as a belt breaking or a compressed air hose bursting.

Smooth starting and braking is ensured by the frequency converter, which is directly connected to the energy-saving motor to save valuable space. This allows the lift to move two-wheelers weighing up to 187.4 lbs (per pick-up) up to eye level and back down again.

Two easy-to-use models

The Electric Bike Repair Stand comes in two models: a single station model for repairing one bike at a time, or a double station model that allows the use of both sides of the stand. Both models provide the same safe and ergonomic function, powered by an electric motor that lifts a bike at the press of a wired hand switch. Each has a maximum load of 187.4 lbs, and lift height up to 9.2 ft.

Accessories to enhance your repair stand

Adapter bike mounts

Attach various gripping systems without difficulty. With a diameter of 1.9 in (50mm) and a load capacity of 187.4 lbs, our adapter mounts are available in two different lengths: 4.7 in (120mm) or 9.9 in (250mm).

Bike gripper

Securely hold the bike frame in place during repairs or maintenance. The two jaws can be adjusted to fit different frame sizes and shapes, and are lined with rubber material to prevent damage to bike paint or finish. 99.2 lbs load capacity.

Manual hand switch

Control the electric actuation system by pressing and holding a small, handheld switch that is located near the top of the stand, within easy reach of the user.

Stepped frame fixture

Secure the frame of a bike with the seat component absent, to build out a factory bicycle from the frame outwards. 187.4 lbs load capacity.

Fork tines

The fork tines are designed with a maximum load capacity of 187 lbs. They can be securely attached to the guide carriage and raised and lowered with the hand switch. Their purpose is to facilitate the effortless loading and unloading of cargo bikes, lawn mowers, and similar items during maintenance procedures.

Gripper extension device

Enhances functionality of the fork tines by enabling the securement of oddly shaped bicycles and small vehicles during maintenance. Equipped with a gripper, the device allows operators to grip parts that may be located at awkward angles.

Instructional Videos

  • Setting the Gear Limit Switch – Video
  • Mounting The Motor – Video

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